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No. Title Contents Time Year Collection
1 Locomotive Kit Building: Part 1 Introduction   2004 Yes
Building The Basic Chassis
Pick-ups, Motors And Basic Detailing
Building The Body
Chassis Frame And Bearings
Fixings, Brake Hangers & Pick-up Pads
The Alan Gibson 4F
S.E. Finecast Fitting The Wheels
Coupling Rods, Pick-ups And Motors
Securing The Coupling Rods
Alan Gibson Wheels And Brakes
Balance Weights, Bogies And Ponies
4F Spalshers, Handrails And Valances
The A2 Body, Boiler, Firebox And Cab
The 61XX Body
Handrails, Pillars And Tender Wheel Bearings
2 Locomotive Kit Building: Part 2 SE Finecast 61XX   2004 Yes
Alan Gibson 4F
3 Painting, Lining and Finishing Part 1 - Tony Wright   2005 Yes
Part 2 - Ian Rathbone
4 Detailing and Improving RTR Locos & Coaches Locomotives Bachmann V2 Class   2006 Yes
Hornby 'County' Class
Hornby 'Britannia' Class
Hornby A3 Classs
Hornby 'Black 5'
Bachmann 3F 'Jinty'
Coaches Hornby Pullman
Hornby Gresley
Bachmann Thompson
5 Modelling Landscapes: Part 1 Researching The Prototype   2006 Yes
Layout Design
Baseboard Construction
Marking, Cutting And Forming Baseboards
Laying Track
Making Landforms
Laying Grass
Colour Mixing
Landscape Colouring
Landscape Detailing
Painting The Cess Area
Painting & Weathering Track
And Finally...
6 Modelling Landscapes: Part 2 Pendon Museum Pendon - Barry's Tour   2007 Yes
The History Of Pendon
Tarmac Road
Painting & Texturing Roads
A Country Lane
A Cornfield
Modelling Water
A Goods Yard
Background Landscapes
Pre-stretching Paper
Trees - Deciduous Trees, Pine Trees, Winter Trees, Foliage, And A Pine Forest
Review With Tony Wright
7 Building Buildings with Geoff Taylor Research, Tools & Materials Research & Planning   2007 Yes
Tools & Materials
A Freelance Terrace Forming The Walls
Stone Cladding
Sills And Lintels
Windows And Doors
Finishing The Walls
Ridge Tiles
Fitting Windows And Doors
Chimney Stacks
Colouring The Slates
Rainwater Pipes
Flaunching And Flashing
Making A Roadway
A London Terrace Introduction
Forming The Walls
Window Plinth
Stone Facings
A Stone Fronted House Introduction
Facing With Modelling Clay
Painting And Rendering
Closing Comments
8 An Introduction to DCC Introduction   2008 Yes
Basic Layout Conversion
DCC Controllers Entry Level
Gaugemaster And Dynamis
Advanced Controllers
Lenz & Roco
Locomotive DCC Labels
Fitting Decoders To Diesels Introductions
Direct Plug-in Decoder
Wired Plug Decoder
Hornby Class 56
Heljan Class 33
Fitting Decoders To Steam
Fitting Decoders To Kit-built Locomotives
Programming Decoders
It Happens....
9 Practical Aspects of DCC Introduction   2008 Yes
Locomotive Sound
Lighting Locos And Coaches Decoders And LEDs
Coach And Loco Connections
Setting Up And Installing Lights
Steam Locomotive Smoke
N Gauge And N Scale British N Gauge
American N Scale
Improving Turnouts
Baseboard Wiring Introduction
Power Bus
Accessory Decoders
Power District
Thottle Bus
Operation Introduction
XPA Adaptor
Programming On The Main
Slow Running
Dudley Heath
10 Laying Terrific Trackwork Introduction 3 Hours 50 Mins 2008 Yes
A Peco Junction Peco Points
Peco Foam Ballast
Preparing Peco Track
Laying Peco Track
Copper Clad Turnout Timbering And Preparation
Making The Vee
Fitting The Main Stockrail And Vee
The Curved Stock Rail
Forming And Fitting The Wing Rails
Fitting The Blades
Check Rails
Electrical Insulation
Tie Bars
C&L Chair & Sleeper System Planning The Junction
Timbering The Junction
Cutting The Rails To Length
Making The Vee
Selecting And Fitting The Chairs
The First Stock Rail
The Vee
Other Running Rails
Wing Rails
Switch Blades
Check Rails
The Diamond Crossing
Tie Bars
Laying Track And Turnouts Electrical Connections
Painting The Track
Preparing Plain Track
Laying The Track Bed
The Cess
Removing The Template
Laying And Ballasting The Track
Closing Comments
11 Weathering Techniques Introduction 3 Hours 45 Mins 2009 Yes
Using The Airbrush
A Hard-Working Engine - Bachmann LMS Crab
An Elderly Diesel - FIA Trains Ex-LMS 10001
Clean... But Not Perfect - Bachmann / NRM Deltic
Extreme Weathering - Bachmann WD
Varnishes, Paint & Powders
Coaching Stock
Spit & Polish - A Hornby Britannia
Freight Stock
Weathering Buildings
Closing Comments
12 Wiring Your Layout       Wanted
13 Wagons: Part 1 Iain Rice Introduction 1 Hour 55 Mins 2010 Yes
British Goods Wagons
Tools And Equipment
Upgrading RTR Wagons Couplings And Wheels
"W" Irons
Replacing The Under-Frame
Re-Aligning Brake Gear
Etched Brass "W" Irons
Etched Brass Brake Gear
An Integrated Ratio Kit
Building A Parkide Kit
14 Wagons: Part 2 Iain Rice Introduction 1 Hour 45 Mins 2010 Yes
White Metal Kits
Adding Metal Details
Brake Gear
Vacuum Pipes
Loading, Sheeting And Roping
Wagon Weighting
Improving Wagon Performance
15 Railway Operation & Signalling       Wanted
16 Developments in DC and DCC Introduction 1 Hour 55 Mins 2012 Yes
Points And Turnouts Wiring Points
Controlling Points
DCC Point Control
Using Servos
Where's My Train? Infra Red Detection
Block Detection
Mini Cameras
DCC Systems
DCC Decoders Setting Up
Speed Curves
Loco Lighting
Function Mapping
Coach Lighting
Smoke Generators
DCC Sound
Wi Throttle
Short Circuit Protection
Polarity Switching
17 Weathering Techniques 2 Introduction   2012 Yes
Heavy Weather - A Grubby Ferry Van
Prototypical Approach - A Class 47
Detail Weathering - An Industrial 0-4-0ST
Cleaning The Airbrush
Bleached Bones - "Unpainted Wagons"
Faded Glory 1 - Deep Sea Containers
Faded Glory 2 - Class 08 Diesel
Rust Belt - Steel-bodied Minerals
Graffiti Attack
Weathering Trackwork
18 Trouble-shooting and Fault-finding Introduction   2013 Yes
Basic Trouble-shooting
Trackwork Using A Multimeter
Cleaning Trackwork
Peco Pointwork
Track And Wheel Gauges
Locos Acceptance Trials
Running In
Locomotive Wheels
Better RTR Running
Mechanism Cleaning And Lubirication
Problems With Pickups
Wagons And Coaches Troublesome Trucks And Coaches
Replacing Wheel Sets
Wheel Cleaning
A Running Session
19 Layout Planning and Design Introduction 2 Hours 25 Mins 2014 Yes
Selecting Gauge And Scale
Considering Train Length
Finding The Best Side
Using A Check List
Developing A Mock-up
A Prototypical Track Plan
A Freelance Track Plan
From 2D Plan to 3D Layout
A County Station
An Aggregate Works
View Blocking
Wharfedale Road (DVD Project Layout)
Forced Perspective
Wharfedale Road Central Operating Area
Albion Yard
- The Right Tack to Copenhagen Fields Introduction   2009 Yes
History And Development
Behind The Scenes
Watch The Trains Go By
- The Right Track to Pendon       Wanted
- The Right Track to Stoke Summit       Wanted

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