Alexander Seal

Nick Lera's World Steam Classics

Correct as of: 04/08/19

Title Year Duration Collection
Kenya: Steam To Mombasa 2003 65 Mins Yes
Eritrea: Rebirth Of A Railway 2004 62 Mins Yes
New Zealand Steam Cavalcade, Part 1 North Island   90 Mins Wanted
India: Toy Train To The Clouds   56 Mins -
India: Toy Train (Collectors' Edition)   74 Mins Wanted
Spain: Renfe Steam - Past & Present   48 Mins Wanted
U.S.A.: Return To Blue Ridge   48 Mins Wanted
Argentina: Patagonia Express   55 Mins Wanted
Syria And Jordan: Rails To The Arabian Desert   55 MIns Wanted
China: Steam To The Gobi Desert   54 Mins Wanted
Poland: The Last Stronghold Of Steam In Europe   52 Mins Wanted
Pakistan: Rails To The North West Frontier   48 Mins Wanted
Africa: The Cape To Cairo Railway   56 Mins Wanted
India: Relics Of The Raj   52 Mins Wanted
Indonesia: Wheels Of Fire   41 Mins Wanted
India: Steam's Indian Summer   50 Mins Wanted

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