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SNCF Est 230 B Locomotives

The Est 230 B Locomotives were originally numbered 3501 to 3890. They could produce 1025hp and were designed with a top speed of 110 km/h. Their 1.75m diameter driving wheels where driven by compound cylinders with a few variations, the 390 strong class were built over 12 years. The first 20, 3501 to 3520 were built as standard four cylinder locomotives, which was apparently unique for French 230s. 3521 to 3580 were equiped with

Among the 230 B note in particular the 517 of engineer Papa Boule, and 614, 617, 711, 739 and 855.

Wheel 1.75 m, also motor compound, whose characteristics have changed over the construction of the 390 locomotives over twelve years (see B). Thus the 3501-3520 saturated steam came out factory with distributors cylindrical four cylinders, novelty on the 230 French. The 3521-3580 have they been equipped with drawers plans high and low pressure. Equipped beyond cylindrical drawers, they were at full steam until 3790, while the last 100 receiving original overheating, increasing their power to 1 400 hp. Note that this is the first time in the East that the shelter was inspired by the form "breathable", and from the 3581, future 230 B 581 to the East Region of the SNCF, the shell the dome of the boiler is spherical, while the 80 locomotives that first cap is flat.