Alex Seal

The Train


1945 somewhere in occupied France? No, we're in 1964 on the very site where "The Train" was filmed.

The Train, the title in itself suggests that everything related to the railway is going to serve as the action. Here the train is being filmed at
This film is about true stories gathering American, English & French actors.

A special train carried film makers, producer Then Michel Simon was interviewed by a journalist:
"I decided to take a part in this movie because my first emotions as a child were on a train. I had an uncle who was a train driver. When he retired he was given a small job as driver of a small mountain train, in Savoie. Sometimes he let me drive...For several weeks all this took me back to my youth."
An enormous amount of professionals of the railway, drivers, fitters, etc. were need for most scenes were made on the very rails. Most scenes could not be done twice, so there was much time spent preparing them.

When the two locomotives crashed, there had been a lot of work preparing old wagons which were to be crashed and destroyed.
With strict security measures there were only a few cameras broken and no injuries at all.
The false bombing was a great success for the film makers thanks to the brilliant explosive technicians.

Michel Simon concludes "I first met French railwaymen in 1905, and then I met them again in 1945.
They were touching heroes for they were very humble and never throve for honours.
I think they really deserved this film as a tribute to their courage"